Moscow – vibrant and ambitious mixture

The very heart of the mysterious and huge country, Moscow has a lot to offer to the curious traveler. Being historical, financial, eventful capital of Russia this city is proud of its splendid architecture from various epochs. Moscow’s vibrant life offers endless number of events and art festivals, delightful views and pleasant walks through its boulevards and countless parks and squares within the historical centre. Nowadays this tourist’s friendly city is on the list of the most popular European destinations alongside with other world capitals. Without any doubt Moscow offers unforgettable memories to your trip.

Each natural and historic site deserves separate article but we did our best to collect the best attractions in one place. 

Kremlin and the Red Square

The number one sightseeing spot in the city Moscow, Kremlin, is a medieval fortified historic complex (once built and later being expanded from the 16th to 20th century) that includes four cathedrals and five palaces surrounded by the high brick wall once used to guard the heart and soul of the city. It also used to be the residence of the governors and now serves as the official president’s residence. Despite most of Kremlin pictures being taken from the outside one can actually visit this museum complex. Enter through monumental Troitskie gates and feel how the territory expands presenting you one of the biggest architectural ensembles in Europe. Buildings within impressive Kremlin walls represent various epochs and schools and keep the fantastic interiors designed and built by famous architects. Pay special attention to the remarkable Ivan the Great Bell tower and the treasures of Kremlin Armory museum. Vast Red Square can be called part of the complex with the translation of “red” from old Russian language as “beautiful” or “main”.  

Today one can’t get more central in Russia but standing in the middle of it looking at the gems Kremlin, GUM vintage styled department store, bright St Basil’s cathedral and Spasskaya (Savior) Tower with enormous clocks dominating the place. In the wintertime ice rink with unforgettable views operates at the square.  

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Magnificent and very recognizable building in Russia is in the very same central place. This cathedral was built back in 1561 to commemorate the victory that secured Moscow position as the main city in the country. Spectacular outside decorations won’t be enough for the curious eye without cathedral’s interior with small chapels decorated with numerous icons and engravings striving upwards in the direction of the dome.  

Tretyakov Gallery

One of a kind place appeared when influential merchant and patron of art Pavel Tretyakov donated his unique collection of Russian art to the city of Moscow in 1892. This way he not only started the influential museum union but also founded the first public museum in the country.

This gallery is the number one place to see Russian art and it should definitely be on your travel itinerary to get an insight into the rich and revealing pieces of art. You can see mysterious and exquisite 12th century icons both anonymous and famous painters, like Andrei Rublev or Theophanes the Greek, also works by world famous Russian realist artists Repin, Vasnetsov, Shishkin, Surikov and many more. 

Bolshoy Theatre

Sacred place of world-known Russian ballet and opera Bolshoy theatre dates back to 1824 and recently went through complete renovation. Nowadays the theatre combines classical luxurious interior with cutting edge technology of the modern opera house. Spectacular building at the Theatre Square isn’t the only stage where the troupes perform – visit also the second theatre next door, called the New Bolshoy Theatre. 

GUM (Main Universal Store)

What a vacation can be spent without an enjoyable shopping time! GUM translated as State Department Store occupies the splendid building facing the Red Square and the Kremlin. In the 18th century neoclassical architect from Italy Giacomo designed a huge trade center along the east side of Red Square. Nowadays this shopping gallery is a popular tourist destination with elongated passages and high and light glass roof resembling of the 19th century railway station in London. GUM was once described as a tribute to the technical proficiency of Russian architecture and design of the 19th century. In this building you can find around 200 shops on each of the three levels of its arcades – from Louis Vuitton boutique to Russian designer brand shops.


5 million foreign tourists visited Moscow in 2013. With its churches, palaces, museums, and modern buildings, Moscow is a must-see destination, worth to be explored.

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